Spring 2020, the 17th Consecutive Greetings Equinox to Solstice Celebration

After this strange malaise of Winter half-here & half-nowhere, I entreat each & every one of you, lovers of the Muse, to join us as often as possible from late March through late June to open thy ears to your fellow poets & performers as they unburden their winter journals into fresh interpretations of the everyday, interior & alternate universes we constantly traverse. Please note the Line-up, often on alternating Thursdays, all taking place at Unnameable Bokes, 600 Vanderbilt Ave., near the corner of St. Marks, in ever protean, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. All events begin 7:30pm with a meet n greet. Performances begin 8:00 in the white rock stone garden or if beset by inclement weather, in the cozy book-lined basement.


1. March 26th… Season Opener with Filip Marinovich, Karin Randolph, Alyssa Mathews  & music by Other Arc Ensemble


2. April 2nd…    Sparrow, Sarah Sala, Silvina Lopez Medin & music by Las Cebollas Caliente


3. April 23rd…    Hillary Keel, Robert Fitterman, Ian Dreiblatt & music by The Matt Mottel Experience  


4. April 30th…     Paige Taggert, Emily Brandt, Simon Cutts & music by The Robespierre Players  


5. May 14th…     Jennifer Firestone, Sampson Starkweather, Kay Gabriel  &  music by Ngwawa-Brooklyn Trance Steppers


6. May 28th…     John Coletti, Rebecca Positively Posner, Lydia Cortes &  music by Other Ark  Anubis


7. June 11th  …     Don Yorty, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Rebecca Teich & music by Ne Plus Ultra Magnetique


8. June 25th …     Michael Handler Ruby, Parisa Yekalam , Douglas Rothschild & music by O.A.E.