1. October 3rd …   John William Narins, Christine Chalmers, Martha King & music by Other Arc Ensemble  


2. October 17th …  Dustin Williamson, Filip Marinovich, Julien Poirier, Lydia Cortes & music by Tristan O’Shea  


3. November 7th …   Steve Delachinsky, Elsbeth Pancrazi, John Godfrey & music by O.A.E.


4. November 14th …   Tomer Inbar, Sam Truitt, Sousan Hammed, Yuko Otomo with music by Ghost Shepherds

5. November 21st…  Dan Owen, Sarah Wallen, Lewis Warsh with music by Tony “The Touch” Iantosca  

6. December 12th … Bob Rosenthal, Maggie Dubris, Patricia Spear Jones with Music by OAE & performance by Ani Blech