This FALL comes at the sweet end of another golden corn summer, so let us embrace the blazon of burnt ogranges & regenerative browns that shall see us through this Fall Lineup, often on (mostly) alternating Thursdays, taking place at Unnameable Bokes, 600 Vanderbilt Ave., near the corner of St. Marks, in quadrupling Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

All events start at 8pm with a meet n’ greet. Performances begin 8:30ish in the white rock stone garden or according to the whims of the weather, in the comfortable book-lined baseheadment. All performances are free to form as they please.



November 1st …   Peter Valente, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Michael Ruby + O.A.E


November 15th…  Filip Marinovic, Vanessa Rosenbaum & Jessica Prusa

November 29th … Vladimir Nahitchevansky, Zoe Goldstein&  Brian Teare

December 6thh … Dan Owen, Sandra Lui, TBA + OAE


December 13th…  KB Nemcosky & Lydia Cortes with music by Wyld Butter