Lovers of the word, please note the Lineup on various Thursdays, taking place at Unnameable Books 615 Vanderbilt Ave., near the corner of St. Marks, in burgeoning Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Events start at 7:00 with a musical meet n’ greet. Performances begin at 7:30 pm. (with the exception of 3/21 starting at 8 pm. Free to all.


March 21st: Deirdre Kovac, Ashley Escobar & Diana Rickard with Other Arc Ensemble 

8 pm start

April 4th: Tony Iantosca, Betsy Fagin &  Kim Lyons with Nashville Nor’easter 

April 11th: Judah Rubin, Karla Kelsey & Bob Holman with music & performance by  

    Darius Jamal Vansluytman & the Kings County Wayfarers 


May 2nd: Christopher Perez, Tyhe Cooper & Ryan Cook with music by Inside Devils 


May 16th: Gia Gonzales, Matt Proctor & Bruce Andrews with performance by 

     Alexandra Neuman & music by Ghost Shepherds


May 30th: Ben Gantcher, Stacy Skolnik, Alan Felsenthal & Filip Marinovich with music by Mag Wheels

June 13th: Jenna Firestone, Coco Fitterman & Buck Downs with Burnt Weenies 


June 27th: Cassidy McFadzean, Emily Wallis Hughes, & Peter Gizzi with OAE

Thank you all so much for your gracious support of Unnameable Greetings Readings in the past! Hope to see as many old & new faces during this upcoming season. Please keep in mind, the new space is 2/3 smaller than the previous backyard space. Chairs will of course be set up – but may be limited to 20-25, so seats will be limited to a 1st come, 1st sit basis. Those arriving after seating has been taken may stand against the fence on either side of the entranceway. If any other information is needed please email Jeffrey Joe Nelson: or Jed Shahar:   or to contact the space directly: